Cómo organizar tus joyas

How to organize your jewelry

Do you want to enjoy your ITEMPORALITY jewelry much longer? Follow our advice to keep them cared for and organized

We know that it is quite a challenge and that many times not having time in our daily lives and the great variety of jewelry makes it almost impossible to organize them. We help you achieve it and thus always find the jewel you need at all times, while taking care of them.


How to organize necklaces

These types of accessories are the longest jewelry we have, so it is important to take it into account when organizing. To prevent them from getting damaged or breaking, we must make sure that they do not have knots so that we can keep them cared for.

We recommend that you place them in a place where they can hang freely so that they can be stretched.

TIP: organize them according to their size so that they are all organized according to their length. In addition to seeing them quickly, you will prevent them from getting tangled and knotted.


How to organize bracelets

The same thing happens to bracelets as to necklaces, they are jewelry that can easily get knotted if we are not careful.

We advise you to follow the same criteria that we have seen with the necklaces to organize them. You can keep them in their little boxes to keep them cared for, clean and have them located when you go to put them on.

But if you prefer to always have them in sight, store them vertically in a glass jewelry box so you can see them more quickly.


How to organize earrings

There are some women who cannot leave the house without our earrings, they are one of our favorite accessories.

Organizing this type of jewelry is much easier due to its small size compared to necklaces or bracelets.

There are several types of earrings, so if they are long you should organize them in the same way as bracelets since that is the natural way to wear them.

If you lack space to organize them, you can group them by pairs, shape or size.


How to organize rings

Rings are another of the smallest jewels in our jewelry box, but they can be a little more complex when it comes to organizing them.

  • Store them in their original box or in individual boxes.
  • If you have adjustable rings, try not to mix them with the rest of the jewelry to prevent them from getting caught and damaged.

If you have a jewelry box or structure with different compartments, you should place the rings in the smallest part and this way you can keep them cared for and prevent them from being lost. We leave you some jewelry box ideas.


What jewel do you want to be today?

Choose from the variety of jewelry we have at ITEMPORALITY and show off your personality with style.

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