Descubre el significado de los símbolos de la nueva colección DREAMS

Discover the meaning of the symbols of the new DREAMS collection

The phrase "Everything begins with a dream" defines the philosophy of this new collection.

Since we can remember we have had dreams, not only those that happen while we sleep, but also the great desires that flooded us with emotion and hope. What child hasn't dreamed of becoming an astronaut, of being an elite athlete or even of seeing themselves as a musical star?

And this is when we begin to develop our skills, give free rein to our imagination, train our abilities and set out strongly on the path to achieve those dreams.

Isn't the feeling of believing that you are capable of achieving everything you set your mind to wonderful? When we are children, that feeling accompanies us, however, as we grow, some dreams can become tarnished.

From Itemporality, with ourDreams collection, we want to encourage you to dream like a child, to close your eyes and visualize yourself fulfilling your greatest desires, illusion is the engine of life and, without it,...don't you find it very boring?

Dreams is precisely inspired by desire, illusion and fantasy, so that, when you wear it, you remember to never stop adding spark to life. Their pieces are fun, you will find in them different shapes, sizes and textures, which will help you reconnect with your "dreamer self."

Dreams pieces are made up of the following symbols or shapes:


A symbol, which, as we already told in one of our posts, acts as a source of inspiration and is related to destiny. They are the light capable of shining on the darkness and, in many cultures, they even represent the soul of deceased beings.

For all this, they are emblems that can make us always carry with us the memory of a loved one, that remind us that we can face any situation no matter how dark it may be or that we follow what destiny tells us.


Perhaps the most universal symbol of all, the one with which we are most familiar. Although it has always been generally used to express love, it also represents feelings of brotherhood, solidarity or unconditional support .

You can wear it as an emblem of your truest love, but also to pay tribute to that unbreakable friendship.

Flowers or plants

Floral shapes always remind us of the natural world, of the organic and without artificial elements, it is a way of returning to what is essential, to the origin of everything. They bring freshness and joy.

If we focus specifically on the shape of the four-leaf clover, "good luck" comes to mind, as it has been used as a symbol of good fortune since ancient times. Each of its leaves has a meaning (hope, faith, love and luck). Wouldn't you want all of them to accompany you in your daily life?


The anchor represents firmness, strength, tranquility or security. Let's say that rough seas could be difficult situations that arise in our lives, but with the anchor, we can feel that we have the control and firmness to face them.

Furthermore, it inevitably transports us to the marine world, so if you are in love with salt water and also want to remind yourself that you can do everything , this is your symbol!


The butterfly, as we already know, carries out a process of change unmatched in the rest of nature. Well, this itself represents its emblem, the power of growth, of transforming life changes into new opportunities and rebirth.

If you wear our pieces with butterflies you can remind yourself that you can overcome barriers and grow as many times as you set your mind to. In addition, the well-known butterfly effect refers to how small changes can lead to big results. Burn it!


The cross is universally related to Christianity, although its origin is older, it was already used in ancient Greece or Mesopotamia. Since its appearance, it has usually represented the four elements of antiquity, the four cardinal points or the union of the concepts of divinity and the world.

In addition, it has been considered an amulet, so if you are somewhat superstitious, you can carry it with you as protection.


The circle symbol represents unity and perfection, but also symbolizes heaven, the celestial or the soul. For Buddhists, it means the wheel of life, wholeness.

It has been used, since ancient times, as a symbol of protection, just as the planets revolve around the sun, thus representing a protective cycle.

Key and padlock

They are two shapes that are normally joined together, thus representing two pieces destined to be joined. If you carry them with you, they will always have a unique meaning, to which only you and the person who forms that union with you have the key.

Use it as a reminder of your shared moments and secrets .


In ourDreams collection, you will also find pieces whose protagonist is a fun clip. If you are passionate about the world of crafts, plastic arts or stationery, you will be able to show your creativity to everyone.

In addition, it also represents union, stability, reminder of important moments or anecdotes.


The figure of the monkey symbolizes joy, intelligence and energy. In many cultures, it is a symbol of good luck, as well as protection against adversity.

In addition, this fun symbol encourages us to become more self-confident, to not take things so seriously . With it, you can feel powerful to face any complicated situation.


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