El significado de las estrellas, ¿qué nos transmiten?

The meaning of the stars, what do they convey to us?

The stars They are that element of the universe that we observe every night in search of a point of light. It is a symbol that always accompanies us in the dark.



Who has not looked at stars from your window looking for answers? Exact! There are many of us who turn to the stars as a source of knowledge. ITEMPORALITY, lovers of this symbol, we want to delve a little more about it. It is an emblem that shapes several of our silver jewelry, and of which we are especially passionate.

The light radiated by the stars shines on ignorance and the thin layer of darkness. In fact, according to various cultures, they are the source of inspiration and the destination.

Further, according to specialists, the stars act according to the macrocosm where they are. Hence it is explained that the microcosm is directly affected by them.

Gold Star Ball Earrings

One of the most special characteristics of stars is their immensity. They are infinite, uncountable and uncontrollable. How many times have you tried count the stars that surround you? It is a very complicated task, since many of them are conspicuous by their absence according to the time!

For many centuries, humanity has been fascinated by the great spectacle that they offer us every night. In fact, artists of a great nature such as the painter Van gogh they have captured their strength with magic and art.

The starlight, in fact, inspired us to create the Gold Star Ball earrings. Is silver jewel seeks to give light to your most special nights through the golden color and the zircons that surround it.

In ITEMPORALITY We have it clear: a star-shaped silver jewel can represent an unforgettable moment, something to remember eternally. Just like shooting stars do.

You also know that we want to always be close to you. In our fashion blog We tell you all the trends that will make you be the center of balance.

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Throughout history, many peoples have argued that the stars are the souls of deceased people. In fact, many people tend to search the sky for their loved ones every night. The stars are said to symbolize our deceased and are positioned in the sky forever. They watch the Earth from above.



In fact, if we go back decades, we will see that the stars were depicted in the paintings on the walls of the tombs of many pharaohs.  

The magic of this symbol led us to create the Silver Star earrings. The protection and fortitude of the stars make sense in this silver jewel, where the shape of this emblem protrudes at the top.  

Silver Star Ball Earrings

Did you know that for many cultures the stars are the windows of the world? For example, according to Yakuto peopleThese are openings that allow the different spheres of the sky to communicate.

Also, many shamans call the polar Star as "the still star". For them it is a channel through which they can ascend to heaven and, which in turn, allows them to return to earth.

Since ITEMPORALITY, we have designed the Silver Star Ball earrings in order to open the window to the world and transmit our energies. The light of this silver earrings illuminates any look through its brilliance. Carry the beauty of the stars always with you.

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Did you know that the stars were from prehistoric times the images that were associated with the guides? They are said to direct us toward a fixed point on the horizon. For many centuries the stars have guided the night traveler, whether at sea, in the air, or on land.



This universal emblem takes on a very special role in any look. Remember also that in this blog post, we talk about the silver earrings that best fit your face.If the stars are also one of your favorite symbols, you may love the silver earrings that you can see here. In ITEMPORALITYWe design them based on the strength and hope transmitted by each of the points of the stars.

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For many specialists, the star also symbolizes fertility. It is an emblem that refers to birth, prosperity, glory. 

In fact, if we stop to think, we will realize that the symbol of the stars constantly surrounds us. For example, flags of many countries they have stars, the Hollywood stars walk… It is a symbol that, of course, makes a difference.

For this reason, because at ITEMPORALITY we want to avoid similarities, we have created Gold Star earrings. If you want to feel like a true star of the universe, this silver jewel is yours. You will be the North Star of any event.

If the stars They are one of your emblems, we are sure that you are a dreamer who wastes your own light.

This symbol represents people with aspirations and desires for improvement so… congratulations on your great strength! In your hands is the power to change your course and find the fixed point on the horizon.

And you? What do the stars convey to you? Have you felt identified with any of its meanings? Let us know in the comments! We love stories full of magic.

We wait for you in our fashion blog to keep shining.

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Me ciento muy identificado con las estrellas y cual esperimento paz y una energía interior

Hernamdo castillo

Hola. Para mi cada que me levanto y miro hacia el Cielo y veo una Estrella me recuerda a mi padre y se que el esta velando por mi. Le hablo sabiendo que esa Estrella lo representa a el.


Mi universo descubrí…
Que soy una estrella humana
En mi existir🌟🌟🌟

Maura luzardo

En esta región o parte del continente americano la Estrella significa luz, el estado de Texas conservan la Estrella y la República de California porta la Estrella, la Estrella significa esperanza, una luz en el infinito. Para mucha gente que en los antepasados sufrieron y pidieron cuando estaban en vida y miraban hacia el cielo buscando un porvenir para sus familias.

Felix Resendiz

Me encantan las estrellas 🌟 ✨ 💕

Olga Lucía Rios

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