Las joyas que necesitas el día de tu BODA

The jewelry you need on your WEDDING day

For a bride , her wedding day is one of the most important days and in which every detail is important.

In addition to the dress, we must have many other aspects that complement and complete the dress. Jewelry is of great importance and must be chosen according to the dress so that the bride can achieve the expected result.

At Itemporality we want to accompany you on this important day and that is why we have created the WEEDING collection, in which you will find the jewelry to complete your wedding dress.

Some tips to make a good choice

Keep in mind what the dress is like:

If you have a neckline, the jewelry will depend on what it is. There is a wide variety of necklines:

- Necklines that are more closed, you should choose thinner and smaller designs

- With a strapless shape, you have several options: choose earrings and a very small and fine necklace or choose one of the two and make the chosen one eye-catching.

- Asymmetrical necklines, as it is a simple design, we suggest that you opt for some striking earrings.

On the other hand, the color of the dress will make us choose one jewelry or another:

- Nuclear white, requires shiny jewelry, such as white gold.

- The ivory color will stand out if you choose gold jewelry.

- Yellow gold or champagne color, ideal with polished silver jewelry and precious stones.

- Pastel pink dresses, to complete it choose rose gold or diamond jewelry.

The key time and place of celebration in choosing your jewelry:

If the wedding is during the day, it is recommended that the jewelry be of simple and fine designs.

On the contrary, if it is an evening wedding, the accessories can be more striking, opting for maxi-earrings, more elaborate and colorful necklaces.

The same thing happens with the wedding location, if it is in a garden or farm, they should be simple models and if it is in a wedding hall, for example, the jewelry can be more attractive.

The shape of the face and the hairstyle we will wear:

Taking this into account when choosing jewelry is very important, since each hairstyle and face is different and we must take it into account:

- If your hairstyle is a low bun and semi-updo, we recommend that you choose short and round jewelry.

- For hairstyles with loose hair where the jewelry will not be visible, opt for those that are more striking or with rhinestones.

- Brides with short hair will look ideal with long earrings.

For those rounded faces, the jewelry that will most style you will be the elongated ones, because they will help you not look so round.

If, on the other hand, your face is square, choose curvier jewelry. If you have an elongated hair, you should choose models with volume.

The jewelry should be in line with the rest of the accessories:

If you are going to choose a very striking headdress, try to make the jewelry smaller and with very fine designs.

Do you already know what jewelry you are going to wear? Choose yours on our website .

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