¡Prohibido rendirse, es momento de entretenerse!

No surrender, it's time to entertain yourself!

We are faced with a situation caused by the Coronavirus in which information reaches us too quickly and through different channels. Many times, we are blocked by such an amount of data, and other times, we are infected by the positive messages that reach our hearts directly.

Today we have made a small selection of those profiles of Instagram that have made us smile and have caused us more than one laugh. Do you dare to have fun for a while? We deserve it!

From our profile of Instagram We follow numerous accounts related to our sector, the jewelry. Today social networks, more than ever, have become a companion who lives 24 hours with us at home, because of course, we join the obligation #I stay at home.

The actress @anitamirandag He enlivens the minutes through Instagram Stories. If you are looking for a fun way to do sport, join her and move your body in company!

If what you like is to be up-to-date in the life of the influencers, the profile @ likes.magazine transmits us his craziest inspirations and most wanted gossip.

Many parents need tricks to entertain their little ones, which is why the influencer @ yasomos.3 She teaches us every day through Instagram Stories how much fun she has with her children. If you also want to have a good time, then take a look at his Blog. If you also want to see family videos, take a look at the profile of I am a normal mother because this large family does not go unnoticed by social networks. They are a true source of inspiration! The influencer has also written a book for the little ones.

It's funny, we just launched a jewelry collection full of color and inspiration in the India (the collection GEMS for those who have just entered the universe #Itemporality). And suddenly, we find this Blog, full of Asian magic. Your profile @la_india_increible takes us to the most emblematic monuments from the sofa.


The vitality must continue and the good attitude must remain, as our friend tells us @ begoconde12! We forget to reward our ears with last trends of Youtube: creativity more than ever destroys reality.

Can you help us follow the list? We will be happy to expand it together with you!

Thank you family for accompany us forever!

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