ITEMPORALITY jewels are made with love and attention to detail and each jewel has a very personal touch.

How to take care of them

Your Itemporality jewelery must not be in contact with make-up, sun cream, cream powder, perfume, deodorant or hair spray. These external factors can affect the surface making it blurry and cosmetic ingredients can stain or even discolor the piece and dull it. Take off your jewelry when showering, doing housework, or gardening. Avoid contact with acids or salty. Sweat or ingestion of some medications can also cause discoloration of your jewelry. Due to the reasons mentioned above, try to avoid wearing your Itemporality jewelry while playing sports. The use of sports equipment can lead to scratches or bumps. These damages are sometimes not repairable. Don't forget to remove your jewelry when you go swimming. Chlorine from water or salt water will cause your jewelery to fade and the stones will lose their shine. You should also not wear your jewelry in the sauna.

How to save them

Cleaning the jewelery with bath and gold plating

Sweat and fine dirt particles can wash away your jewel. You can use hot water for the strongest stains, but jewelry should never be in contact with chemicals. Please make sure your jewelry is washed one at a time and does not use detergents or solvents. Do not use cleaning materials that can scratch or lift (including polishing cloths) the bath or plating of the parts. The stones should never be submerged in water.