El significado de los colores en las joyas de moda

The meaning of colors in fashion jewelry

With the arrival of good weather, you want to surround yourself with warm colors. The arrival of spring encourages us to take our most colorful and fun accessories out of the jewelry box. Therefore, from ITEMPORALITY, we attach great importance to the colors that shape our silver jewelry.

Do you dare to discover the meaning of colors? Specialists say that depending on your mood, you dress in one way or another. They call it the color psychology. And us, from ITEMPORALITY, we totally agree with them. The trends in jewelry they bring us closer to ourselves each time.


For example, GEMS collection It is made up of natural stones. Are silver jewelry full of tones that encourage us to express who we are and what we want to others.

Blue color in our silver jewel

Many of us think of the sea or the sky when asked about the color blue. Is it because of the stability and calm that these natural elements transmit to us? The psychology of color tells us that it is a tone that reflects calm, confidence, security.

However, it also has a negative meaning, such as its coldness. A mix of meanings that leads to brands like Facebook to use this color in your corporate identity. If you are looking for the color blue in a silver jewel, take a look at the Earrings Ganesha. They will give you the security touch you need.

Red color in our silver jewel

It is the color of passion par excellence. An icon in those looks that are associated with emotions, vibrant energies and intensity. According to color psychology, the color red is the most intense hue and that, therefore, causes us stronger sensations.

You can find the strength and passion of the color red in our silver jewelry. The earrings Alakshimi, with natural red stones, make you dream of the magic of India and the purity of the most powerful tonality.

Green color in our silver jewel          

When we think of the color green, we tend to think of nature or money. The positive associations of this tonality bring us closer to growth, fertility, generosity or health. Nevertheless, the specialists They also remind us of some negative conceptions of the color green, such as envy.


You can find the hope and harmony of the color green in one of our silver jewelry favorites: the Hampi Munnar ring. Its minimalist design brings serenity to your outfit.

Yellow color in our silver jewel     

Close your eyes and think about the color yellow. We have done the test in ITEMPORALITY, and most of us have thought about sunlight.

The yellow color It evokes very positive feelings such as optimism, happiness, joy. The Psychology of Color speaks of positivism and energy. That is why we have designed silver jewelry such as earrings Aryaman. It is a design that reflects the strength of summer and the gentleness of the sun's rays on our face. It is the perfect color for you if what you are looking for is a touch of joy in your day to day.

Pink color in our silver jewel            

In recent years the color pink has been associated, even more, with the color of femininity. A color that revolves around unconditional love and the sweetest feelings.




How do we identify the pink colour in our silver jewel? Since ITEMPORALITY, we have made many of our most romantic dreams come true. The Vamana necklace reflects our femininity and fighting spirit. Let yourself fall in love with the silver necklaces and channel your most ideal thoughts and feelings. Ideal for those looking for a different and sweet touch!

Without a doubt, there are no excuses to be boring in our day to day life. The meaning of colors in fashion jewelry It reminds us that we can demonstrate our ideas and feelings with tricks as basic as combining one accessory or another. There is a great universe of options: silver necklaces, rings with natural stones ... Find the balance in your most chic look!

Since ITEMPORALITY, we add to the strength and vitality of colors with our silver jewelry collections. As we said in another post on jewelry blog, the trends in jewelry they will conquer you. It's always a good time to shine and shout who we are!

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