Loving mamá: ideas para regalar en el Día de la Madre

Loving mom: gift ideas for Mother's Day

They are the heroines of our homes, the people who always have a warm hug to give us, the greatest guides in our lives. They, the women who gave us life without expecting anything in return. Mothers are the best example that every person would like to have: they are the right word at the right time.



Soon, the Mother's Day in Spain, that day that we celebrate with enthusiasm in order to demonstrate the love and union felt by mothers and children. Don't forget: the May 3 it is a key day!

This year, there are many families who will celebrate that day separately due to the current situation that affects us globally, coronovirus. Since ITEMPORALITY We wanted to make a small compilation of the best ideas to give to those moms who deserve a detail full of light and shine.

They are all different, special. Each of them stands out for a virtue, but above all, all are the reflection of the unconditional love.

Silver jewelry for the sweetest mothers

For them, the mothers who always give us the push we need in the most delicate way. The GEMS silver jewelry collection He inspires us with tenderness through the combination of silver and precious stones. A colorful gift that symbolizes love and memory. Make it in the Mother's Day in Spain feel the connection and unconditional love.

We propose you the Bangalore ring, a silver ring with rose gold color bath that will accompany you on your most special days. The perfect touch for the most tender mother.

Silver jewelry for the strongest mothers

Daughters are the result of the patience of the most energetic mothers. The good work of mothers makes their parents a reflection of all the most important efforts and decisions.

A mother's work can be hard, we all know that it is a 24-hour shift, seven days a week. No vacations or holidays to give you a break. For this reason, most of them deserve honors.

Another bet from silver jewelry what we do since ITEMPORALITY for him Mother's Day in Spain  It is the color garnet, known for its use of creative energy.

The earrings Alamelu silver they represent the primordial fire. The garnet color in silver jewelry reminds us of the creation of the world from chaos, purification and love. This silver jewel is the result of strong and intense feelings.

Remember that the colors in silver jewelry have a very special meaning as we speak here.

Silver jewelry for the most romantic mothers

Mothers are often the strongest hand when our hearts tremble. They have the special Gift of feeling our palpitations and knowing when we need their strength and most loving gaze.


They are sensitive, fantastic. Thats why he Hampi Jaipur silver ring it will make your mother's most sensitive energies vibrate continuously in her hands.

Rose quartz is the stone par excellence to represent infinite love and the balance of tranquility. With this mineral, we will achieve that the most romantic mothers live the true essence of love. Rose quartz will be your best companion in the heart chakra.

Silver jewelry for the trendiest mothers

Who has not ever stolen an accessory from his mother? We are sure that the answer has been affirmative in more than one of you.

Many of our mothers have a fantastic and enviable style. They know how to combine a sweater from 20 years ago with pants from more than 4 seasons ago and, even so, be the most glamorous women on the face of the Earth. What do you agree to? They have the magic of intrinsic fashion!

Therefore, from ITEMPORALITY We have thought of those mothers who like to take risks and who perfectly combine their silver jewelry with any outfit.

If your mother likes eye-catching and trendy accessories, the silver ring Jaipur Ring Pink it will be the best option. In addition, the ring with pink quartz (our big bet for Mother's Day in Spain) will help you free yourself from unexpressed emotions and sorrows.

Without a doubt, silver jewelry collections they open up endless possibilities for the most stylish mothers. Yes, those mothers who always look up more than one look when walking the streets of the city.

Silver jewelry for the most sugary mothers

The march is going to them; they enjoy dancing to a song in their room, they are the first to suggest you go out for a walk. They are the most active people you have ever seen. They cannot be still!

For them, for the most restless and hard-working mothers, we propose the earrings silver Bhudevi. Garnet rhodolites root spiritual forces within the body and aid in the ability to work lovingly on the physical plane.

The perfect combination for mothers who always have something to do and deserve a light accessory that is always with them! They sure have the best secret to combine the silver jewelry according to the day.

Silver jewelry for the most elegant mothers

If what you want is to steal your mother's heart next May 3, take a look at one of our silver jewelry collections more feminine.

The earrings silver shiva, of the GEMS silver jewelry collection, are the ideal gift for mothers who always seek and find perfection in their outfits.

This jewel combines silver with a garnet stone, a reflection of the strongest and most intense feelings. The purity of its details will make you shine on your darkest days. Let's make it shine with the elegance it deserves!



Since ITEMPORALITY, we feel that heart chakras they should always be alienated and that the heroines of our lives should radiate light every second.

Mother's Day, of course, should be celebrated every day of the year. A date that is marked on calendars, but also in our hearts.

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