Yellow gold plated silver ring in the shape of a fine spiral

Yellow gold plated silver ring in the shape of a fine spiral

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Itemporality is a jewelry brand that stands out for offering a wide variety of timeless pieces for women. Our catalog includes a large selection of jewelry, among which is the yellow gold-plated silver ring in the shape of a fine spiral. This ring is perfect for any occasion, since its elegant and sophisticated design makes it a versatile piece that is easy to combine with any style. In addition, being made with high quality materials such as silver and 18K gold, we guarantee the durability and shine of this jewel over time.


Each Itemporality jewel is made of 925 Sterling Silver, and can also be plated in 18K gold, rose gold or black rhodium. Find them adorned with natural stones, zircons or pearls. At Itemporality we combine quality and design to offer you unique pieces.

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Jewelry Care

ITEMPORALITY jewelry is made with love and attention to detail and each piece of jewelry has a very personal touch. We use top quality materials and, sometimes, natural stones, so the way you store, clean and care for them is important. We give you the tips you need here .

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